Thursday, May 05, 2005

To My Wife on Mother's Day 2005

You are the hardest working and best mom I have ever known. As much as I love my mom, you shine above and beyond.

I hope you remember why I chose you. I liked your realness- you were tough- not like those air head types that would fall apart at the drop of a hat- you knew how to work hard- you could dish it out and take it-but you also were tender- you were a person of excellence.

Those attributes have made you a great wife and a wonderful mom. You are a compassionate mom- you get teary eyed after a tough day of discipline. You are a warrior mom- you fight against all the sin all the time- I like that! You are an energetic mom- you work me in the ground with your tireless pace- I love that and admire that.

You have high standards…maybe even impossible- but I like that- you challenge us to be above ordinary.

You are a praying mom- a devoted mom- an outstanding mom

The fruit of your labor is obvious. All the diapers and dishes, all the van rides and parties, all the financial strain and sleepless nights…is all worth it

Our family is whole and solid- balanced and fun. Our children are beautiful testimonies to the power of the Christian family. I love our family- it is because of you and God’s favor!

On this special week and a special day- May the peace of Christ let you soak in some blessing.

Knowing you- you will be back fighting again on Monday!

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