Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Soil of Discouragement and Distinctiveness

I took some real shots to my spirit the other day. Some days are like that. It only took a few bad health reports, some bad news, time with a discouraged co-worker and then BAM- I felt tired, lonely, wounded, and worthless.

The soil of those circumstances are wonderful. Manure is a great fertilizer!

In that soil of doubt, a seed of opportunity sprouts. God shows out when we are at the end of hope.

In a silent prayer, I felt the encouragement of His Spirit.
Bill Maher rips christians?- praise Him for the opportunity to show our distinctives
Family member is sick?- a great opportunity to pray
Co-worker is discouraged?- great chance to encourage

"Lord, I find more often now, my total dependence on You. Rain Your grace on us again."

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