Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sinister Sincerity

" Zeal without knowledge is not good" Prov. 19:2

SIncerity can be a sinister trap tp death and destruction. In the Old Testament, the prophets of Baal had a zeal for their religion. They practiced incredibly disciplined lifestyles- they hurt, went hungry, cut themselves- but the were not in truth. even today, there are a lot of people who rigidly practice their rituals and show tremendous zeal for their belief system.

The terrorists sincerely believed that upon impact, they were going to a paradise. Recently, Bill Mayer linked all people of faith into the same category...mentally insane.

The christian faith is so different. It is not a ritual. We do not believe in checklists to heaven. Our good deeds will offer nothing toward salvation. Our salvation has been crafted and purchased by God Himself.

Zeal is tremendous, if it is grounded in the truth. God has revealed Himself. Truth is there. Jesus had zeal for His Father's house.

Jesus said that today's worshippers must worship in spirit and in TRUTH.

I am boldly proclaiming that JESUS IS THE TRUTH.

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