Thursday, December 02, 2004

New Day

A beautiful blue sky with brilliant white frost. I feel good today. My knee is getting stronger and my spirit is reviving. 2004 was an incredibly tough year- I basically took a hit to reposition our family for growth and opportunity. It was a risk and still could go south- but I'm trusting in God to see us through. How does that work? Well I believe you work and prepare like it all depends on you and you pray and trust like it all depends on God.
God has been so good to me. I think His greatest blessing is inner peace. It provides a general contentment with life- not a "pipe dream"- I know this is a world full of heartache and broken dreams-cancer,crime,greed,etc- but a peaceful patience that He will protect and provide.
On top of that He gives me two winning edges- forgiveness and a grateful spirit. Forgiveness is neat. It is a personal release that allows for impossible situations to be resolved and restored. I am able to forgive because Christ has forgiven me.Colossians 3:13. Gratitude prevents spoilage and bitterness.
"Thank you Father for a new day- a blessed day- may You walk with me and may I walk in You. Your example is wonderful."

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