Thursday, December 30, 2004

Commentary on Ezekiel 44:19

"Before they (the priests) go out to the outer court, to the people, they must take off the clothes they have been ministering in, leave them in the holy chambers, and dress in other clothes so that they do not transmit holiness to the people through their clothes.”

There is a part of Gods holiness that we do not understand. This verse can be referenced back to Uzzah touching of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 6:6-7). How can having holiness transferred to them harm people? It would have resulted in instant death. God’s holiness causes His anger to burn when it contacts sin.
I know this causes many people to mock and question. I am just reporting what the Bible says. God is holy. That holiness means He is set apart and it is incomprehensible to us. He can have nothing to do with sin. If a sinful man lays hold of holiness, He is undone. It would be better to grab a thousand gigawatts” of electricity.
Some commentators and translations equate this verse to a command to hide the garments, keeping people from making religious relics out of them. But I believe that the meaning of sanctifying the people in their sinful state would be death. Remember the danger of the Holy of Holies to the priest.
So where is that destruction today? This magnifies the awesome work of Jesus. He satisfied holiness and covers us. When we come into Gods holy presence, His blood is preventing our destruction, His sacrifice satisfies our debt to Gods holiness.
The next fearful display of that holiness will be at the second coming.
Thank you Lord for covering my sin. I drink of your amazing grace. I am so far from Your holiness.


Unknown said...

Love it, thanks for making this so clear and simple Jay, it certainly had me puzzled!


Anonymous said...

God bless you. You explanation is very clear and satisfied my thirst to understand.