Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ravi Zacharius is My Hero

"A foreign friend once asked me what the American Civil Liberties Union stood for. I sarcastically said, “None of the above.” But the more I pondered that response the more I realized how true it is. It is certainly not American because it denies both the worldview that framed America’s founding documents and denies a vast majority of Americans the right to enjoy their festivals the way they always have been enjoyed. It is not civil because it redefines civility by making us think that tolerance only works one-way. It certainly does not understand liberty because liberty is not the bequest of naturalism. Naturalism begets a nature “red in tooth and claw” and makes determinism inevitable. That is not liberty. Liberty is the gift of the One who made us with intrinsic worth and taught us to respect life and property. And as for “union”, they spend millions of dollars to spread disunity. So much for their name and mission!" from Just Thinking, Winter 2005 RZIM.ORG

The greatest harm the ACLU has done is in the ravaging of the American public classrooms. Most public school administrators I know live in fear of the ACLU. It has provided an unwillingness on the part of teachers to even counter immorality among their students. If the teacher in the front of the room stays neutral, then the 'religion' promoted in that room is Secularism.

A lack of moral courage without an appeal to truth puts our youth in a "can't win" spot. We wring our hands over the rampant explosion of drug addiction, suicide, sexual perversion, absenteeism, violence, poor standards, and declining literacy. But when the teacher puts up his or her hands and says, "I'm neutral in this". That neutality is a white flag and the enemy continues a victory lap.

The ACLU- People for the American Way and other so called intimidation groups are the insurgents of our conscience and terrorists of our soul.

Thank God for the freedom for Christian Education and responsible Home Schooling options. The appeal to truth and willingness to embrace the moral law of God is our best hope. It is our only hope.

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