Saturday, September 30, 2023

Briarwood Football- 400 Wins

I was privileged to be a part of a historic milestone for Briarwood Christian School last night where the football program registered it's 400th win. That is an average of 7 wins a year for the 51 year history of the football program.

I also count it an honor to have been a part of 244 of those 400 wins over a 25 year span and can attest that the hard work and effort of everyone involved has been a treasure to witness. Each win was special because few people understand how difficult it is to win even one game in the state of Alabama. I’m thankful to be a Lion!

If anyone wants to learn or understand more about how this program was started or has grown, I highly encourage you to take time and listen to the podcasts we produced last year.

I have decided on this post to list them in chronological order: These are SoundCloud links but you can also find these on Apple, Spotify, and iHeart Radio

2019-present- Matthew Forester

In my 25 years of being at Briarwood, we have seen highs and lows, state championships and 'losing' seasons. My time there, we have been 244-86- so I am a blessed man!

You can also learn a lot from visiting the Briarwood page at the Alabama High School Football Historical Society.

We also have videos on Vimeo here;

And a FB page:

Too many wonderful people and memories! Thank you Lord for blessing me to participate in this wonderful ministry and hop I get to keep going!

Coach Mathews Seasons at BCS:

1991- 5-5

1992- 4-5

1993- 7-5

1994- 5-6

1995- 7-5

1996- 13-1

1997- 11-1

1998- 15-0 3A State Champs

1999- 13-2 3A State Champs

2000- 11-2

2001- 12-2

2002- 13-2

2003 13-2 5A State Champs

I was in Nashville 2004-2010 as a head coach (39-20)

2011- 12-2

2012 6-7

2013- 9-3

2014- 4-7

2015- 5-7

2016- 12-2

2017- 14-1

2018- 9-3

2019- 12-2

2020- 8-3

2021- 10-2

2022- 3-7

2023- 3-2 (after 5 games)

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