Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Favorite Football Coaches Quips Gathered in 30+ Years of Notes

What would sports be like without coaching cliches?

And for some reason- football has more than any other sport.

How many shared memories do we have of those famous speeches?

A recently ran across an old file where I had gathered up some of my favorites.... I am sure these are old enough to be considered 'public domain'

I know hundreds more of these... and would love for some of you to add your own to this list.....

“Do your job”

A winner makes the other team show panic first

Coaching is helping a kid and expecting nothing in return

Kicking game is first, defense is 2nd, offense is last

All football drills are done in 6 second bursts

At the end of every offensive play- still maintain possession of the ball

Play sound, play bold, play dangerously

Qb's need to choose the shortest, softest throw

Find the players who need to touch the ball and let them touch the ball

Every pass play is a race between a receiver getting open and the pass rusher

1st rule of being great- showing up ready to work- everyday

A good play call works- a bad play call doesn’t

“Your value to the defense is in direct proportion to how far you are from the
ball when the whistle blows.”

You have to put your team back together every year

Football is a great game and a terrible God ( I coined this one BTW and it has really grown)

Morale is built on relationships and trust

One dies, we all die. To survive, everyone must stay and fight.

Losers gather in little groups and gripe: Winners work as a team

Everyone needs a winning edge- find yours

It is impossible to be mentally tough if you are not in shape

It is better to create a sense of pride, not punishment

There are three types of coaches: High Energy/Fundamentalist/Schematic

The best coaches add a secret ingredient: They motivate the players to WANT IT

Good defenses don’t spend time on the ground

Practice is about reps- coach corrections during film

A Coach will last longer if he understands that some people are going to be unhappy

Playing the guy with potential can get you fired

No team that has worked hard in the off-season has ever underachieved

You get good at what you work on- down to the details

What you tolerate is what you encourage

The greatest compliment a coach can get- ‘they play hard’

Get coaches, staff, players to all say the same thing

Don’t scream at the kid to do it- show him how to do it

Run your trick play before the other guy runs his

Winning coaches have administrators that know football. Most administrators don’t.

Two types of coaches: those who have been fired and those who will be

It is not about the x’s and o’s- it is about the Jimmy’s and Joes

“Have fun”

Celebrate even the 1 point wins

Grieve for 24 hours after a loss- then get up and get better


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