Thursday, January 04, 2018

UCF's Greatest Loss

Oh my....
UCF achieved their greatest victory on Jan. 1 to top off their greatest season, led by their greatest team and their greatest coach.... Scott Frost, my pick for CF Coach of the Year.

And they had the ENTIRE nation eating out of the palm of their hand... poised to be the darling of American football fans, just like Penn State a year ago.
And once Georgia and Alabama won their games... they were set to be heralded and included in a great American conversation... I mean who likes the SEC.... right?
Then THEY ( UCF A.D. and President) absolutely wrecked it before it even had a chance to sprout wings.

They put up banners, scheduled a press conference, and planned a parade as SELF PROCLAIMED COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

Scott Frost hasn't even packed his bags yet and UCF has already shown they are unwilling to follow his lead or continue his legacy.

Coach Frost gave the EXACT right response to position UCF in a long running profitable and fruitful lane:

“Great Bowl experience. This is my 10th as a player or a coach, New Year’s Day bowl. The Peach Bowl is right up there with all of them. The people were so accommodating and polite. We had so much fun here as a team, and we’re grateful to have been given this chance.”

“Going through the season, I was afraid to say much about the rankings and everything because I’m a little superstitious. And just when a coach starts running his mouth, that’s when you lose the next game. But it wasn’t right. I was watching every week, the [College Football Playoff selection] committee sitting in a room and decide this 2-loss team must be better than UCF because UCF is in the American [Athletic Conference]. Or this 3-loss team must be better than UCF.

“It looked like a conscious effort to me to make sure that they didn’t have a problem if they put us too high and a couple teams ahead of us lost. And oh, no, now we have to put them in a playoff. But we just beat a team that beat two playoff teams and lost to another one by 6 points and we beat them by 7.

“And Auburn is a great team. I’m not taking anything away from them. I give them a ton of credit. But these guys deserve everything they get, and they deserve more credit from the committee than what they got.”

and if UCF was smart they should have scheduled that parade around those comments...


By deciding to snub the NCAA and question the legitimacy of the organization they belong to ... they are simply contributing to an already worrisome problem in our ever divided country..

"I will get along with you as long as I agree with you... but as soon as you do something I don't agree with... I will now fight you- you are now my enemy"

And all we do is cannibalize each other in the process.

There is a fine line here... voiced dissent is fact, it is necessary- Scott Frost did that WITHIN the framework of the system.

To PROCLAIM YOURSELF something in direct violation to the very rules and procedures you signed up for is chaotic and ultimately results in destruction.

As UCF pays out the departing coaches 200,000 bonuses... they are leaving behind players and new coaches who, instead of being loved and adored, are now being set up for their first loss... could be as early as Sept 15.. and those banners and t-shirts will be mocked and ridiculed like no other..

And who knows if the A.D. or President will even be there... they may have already jumped to a power 5 school and wonder why all of a sudden the sky has fallen.

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