Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Creeping, Hiking, and Living- A Memorial Weekend Adventure

With one daughter living all summer in Johnson City, TN.....it made sense to try and squeeze out a family fun trip to the Tri-state area this past memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30, 2016).


I have heard about the Virginia Creeping Trail near Abington and Damascus, VA... but I can say this, it was better than advertised.

Even though it was heavily attended for the weekend, we had no trouble securing bikes and the 17 mile shuttle to be dropped off at White Top to begin the downhill ride back to Damascus. We were blessed with perfect weather and just had a blast, riding some, stopping some to take some pictures, and then riding some more.

The entire 17 miles from White Top back to Damascus is DOWNHILL. I hardly had to pedal.

But we took our time... the trail has beautiful scenery, amazing bridge trestles and stocked trout areas.

Though we talked about an all day ride, the 1/2 day was plenty

Every part of the trail was cool!

After a picnic lunch... we then hiked about 3 hours on a part of the Appalachian Trail....


We saw a lot of rain to our southwest, so we began to look Northeast and decided to try Breaks Interstate Park near Elkhorn City, VA.

It is billed as 'The Grand Canyon of the South' and it too was better than advertised- wow, majestic!

We drove to the visitor center after gawking at The Towers Overlook.. where really nice park officials pointed out where hikers should go...

We then parked at the Stateline Overlook and hiked The Notches, The Ridge Trail, The Grassy Creek Trail, and the River Trail....

And the down to the river, back up the mountain was TOUGH!

We enjoyed a Gospel Music festival in the amphitheater after that... and then took the beautiful Hwy 23 back to Johnson City.

Just an amazing trip...

Virginia is a beautiful state!

With gratitude.......

God's beautiful creation
The blessings of health, weather, safety
Great people
Good food
Memories with the fam!

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