Monday, July 01, 2013

Summer Maintenance and Sabbatical

Those who have contacted me- I will be starting new material sometime in August.

If you haven't noticed- I have started re-posting some of my most read or commented material on a wordpress blog- The Best of Jayopsis:

My 20 personnel offense on blogger is going to be taken down and any football stuff will go on Football by Jayopsis:

A lot of change and 're-tooling' is going on in my life right now. I know God is preparing me for a new phase of growth.

This 'in-between' time can be frustrating.... but I just take it day by day.

As far as writing:

My plan is to always post NEW stuff on

I will continue to re-package old stuff on the Wordpress- Best of Jayopsis. It has given me a new audience to reach out to.

All football stuff will go on Wordpress.

Eventually, I want to publish an e-book with my football stuff on it.

So--- until August- enjoy some time off!

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