Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amazing Quotes in My Bible

Over the years, I have been able to hear some outstanding messages from men and women whom God used to inspire, instruct, and convict. I wanted to write a post where I copied some of the notes in the pages of my Bible that meant a lot to me along the way.

In the coronation of a British Monarch, he is given a Bible with these words:
We present you this Book, the most valuable thing the world affords. Here is wisdom; here is royal law. These are the living oracles of God.

The study of God's Word for the purpose of discovering God's will is the greatest discipline of a man's life- Charles Spurgeon

Forgiveness: I distinctly remember forgetting that.

Tim Keller: What is an idol? It is a functional god which if threatened to be taken destroys your security and meaning in life. If you lose a good thing, you are still consolable. If you lose an ultimate thing, there is NO CONSOLATION.

John Calvin: "God limits our knowledge first that we should be kept humble and also that we should continue to have dealings with our fellows."

Here is the Christian journey in 6 words:
"not knowing where"- (Heb.11:8)
"I know Whom"- II Timothy 1:12

Harry Reeder: We will not believe because we cannot believe. And we cannot believe because we want glory for ourselves.

My destination? Not sinless... but a complete union of my purpose and pleasure with God's purpose and pleasure.

God's choice is uncontested, unconventional, and unconditional. It is the dispensation of His sovereign right as sovereign ruler.

" If you find yourself loving:
any pleasure better than your prayers
any book better than the Bible
any person better than Christ
any indulgence better than heaven
TAKE ALARM: If you lose your taste for the BREAD OF LIFE- confess your negligence and ask God to revive your appetite."  Thomas Guthrie

"Faith is a WHOLE SOUL movement where intellect, feeling, and will converge on Jesus Christ" John Muray

Faith has an object- but the object of faith is never faith. David Filson

Prayer is the sweat of the soul- Martin Luther

"Not until we become humble- teachable- standing in awe of God's holiness and sovereignty. acknowledging our own littleness, distrusting our own thoughts, and willing to have our minds turned upside down can Divine WISDOM be ours." J.I. Packer

"A man doesn't have to die to go to hell." Rivers Rutherford

"I have never been able to believe in a little hell.
Because I cannot find in the Bible any trace of a little heaven, or a little Savior, or a little sin, or a little God. I believe in a theology that is drawn to scale." Spurgeon

"God is manifested and shines in full glory. It is beams of love, streams and rivers of love and delight that swell into an ocean of love in which the ransomed bathe. We are deluged in His love." Jonathan Edwards

God is not the chaplain of the status quo

5 Great Resolutions:
1- Give God the glory in all success
2-confess all sin
3-never slander others
4-renounce ownership- give all to God
5-seek to live with enthusiasm and joy

True Peace:
A steady and humble reliance on God though my outside circumstances are rocky and unstable.

All of us want to help God in our salvation

Spurgeon on Prayer:
"At the brightness of the shekinah glory, above the mercy seat and that mercy seat red with such blood was was never spilt but once and the eternal spirit leading us to that mercy seat- can we go there to ask for a mere trifle?"

God works like yeast but we want Him to work like dynamite

What we revere- we resemble- either to ruin or restoration

All idolatry begins with unworthy thoughts of God

God makes 2 strong statements: I made all things and I do all things.

Worldliness is what any culture does to make sin seem normal and righteousness seem strange

If the world grows darker, the glory becomes more brilliant

Time is the brush of God as He paints a masterpiece on the human heart.

The thin line between good and evil runs right through the middle of every human heart.

Good prayers say more "He" than "Me".

In the end, idolatry, adultery, addiction all lead to endless desire, pain, and

"I'm tired of niceness, comfort, neatness, and control...God will You consume me?" Brent Harriman

Best part of love? We give it and receive it.

Christians have 2 noticeable birthmarks: worship and witness

If righteousness is a requirement we are in deep trouble. If righteousness is a gift we are in deep gratitude.

"Life is too short and the gospel is too good for us to live our life as posers." David Filson

The gospel is so good, you do not have to manipulate the message.

We the church have been called to exhibit the manifold wisdom of God by living the gospel.

Jesus is the prize and the finish line- the goal and the gold.

Be acquitted, Be alert, Be active, Be armed- no one likes a pop quiz.

Christianity is NOT primarily aimed at social reform but personal redemption- David Platt

As death leaves us, so judgement will find us- Sir Thomas Brooks

My enemies? Satan accuses, the flesh wages war, the world seduces- I need help.

The Romans were dragging believers to torture and death and the Christians showed grace, hope, forgiveness, and peace enough to make them stop and ask "How?" or "why?".We drag into work and grumble about the coffee and temperature.

My definition of a Christian? A man who is so forgiven that he bears witness, perseveres in opposition, grasps a promise of resurrection, and then reigns with Christ forever.

The fixed point in the universe is the eternal throne of God.

Prayers are the incense of heaven while complaints are the smoke of hell.

It is one thing to be lost and know it, it is quite another to be religious, lost, and not know it.

"Football is a great game, but it is a terrible god." Coach Mathews

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