Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Final Post of 2011- Review and Preview

I want to thank everyone who has read and responded to my blog. This is the last post of 2011 and I am looking forward to a productive 2012. By the way- don't buy into the Mayan calendar, when Jesus says 'no one knows' it includes the Mayans.

Could the world end in 2012?... yes... We need to prepare for it today, but there is nothing especially cataclysmic about 2012- but as I always say- the signs are clearly in place, there is NO EXCUSE to not be ready for the King's return. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Re-cap of 2011 on Jayopsis "Jay's View":

As of today- I have had 12,549 page views which I think dates back to mid 2009.

I had 1,417 visits in December.

The most viewed blog of 2011 was "Either Way You're in a Fight" on 4/24/11- 672 views!

The series on Proverbs was the most read series with over 1200 visits in April 2010.

The most commented and linked posts were about my diet (Jan 2011)- my rough count was that it was re-posted or linked to 20 different sites on the WWW.

My most controversial blog was the one about Osama Bin Laden on 5/6/11- one of the problems is that in my first draft I mis-spelled OSAMA by typing it as OBAMA and I got lit up over the title.

As far as e-mails- I still get a lot of theological critiques: some say I am too reformed, some say I am not reformed enough. Some want to debate Calvinism. I usually don't get into theological debates on the internet- it is too hard a forum to get in long debates.

My audience*.......

United States
United Kingdom
 *according to google

Those of you who comment or e-mail me- THANK YOU- it makes me feel good that I can encourage anyone in their walk with Christ!

What I will be doing in 2012? I am going to be spending Bible Study time in all the chapter 12's in the Bible. I don't know how many will result in blog posts, but I plan to read, study, and meditate on the passages below:

Genesis 12- The Call of Abram- 20 vs
Exodus 12- The Passover-51 vs
Lev 12- Purification rites after childbirth- 8 vs
Numbers 12: Mirium and Aaaron oppose Moses-16 vs
Deut 12- worship and idolatry- 32 vs
Joshua 12- list of Kings Defeated- 24 vs
Judges 12 -Jephthah's Conflict with Ephraim
I Samuel 12- Samuel's Farewell Address
2 Samuel 12- Nathan confronts David31 vs
I Kings 12: Rehoboam's Folly-Divided Kingdom 33 vs
II Kings 12: Jehoash repairs temple 21 verses
I Chron 12: Mighty Men vs 40
II Chron 12: Egypt Plunder Jersusalem 16 vs
Nehemiah 12:Dedication of Wall 47 verses
Job 12: Sovereign God 25 vs
Ps 12: The Godly are Gone- 8 vs
Proverbs 12:Lists 28
Eccle 12: Ending remember God- 14 vs
Is 12: The Lord is My Song 6 vs
Jer 12:Jere Complains- God Answers 17 vs
Ez 12: Judah's captivity 28 vs
Dan 12: The End 13 vs
Hoseas 12:The Lord Indicts both Kingdoms 14 vs
Zechariah 12:The Lord will give salvation and the one pierced 14 vs

Matt 12: Lord of Sabbath-50 vs
Mark 12- Parable of Tenants- Down to Tithing- vs 44
Luke 12- Be Ready vs 59
John 12- Triumphal Entry- 50 vs
Acts 12- James Killed Peter Imprisoned vs 25
Romans 12: Living Sacrifice- 21 vs
I Corinthians 12- Spiritual Gifts
II Corinthians 12: Paul's Thorn 21 vs
Hebrews 12- Do Not Grow Weary-29 vs
Rev 12- Woman and Dragon- 17 verses

As always my goal is to present the truth of the gospel and a transparent walk with Jesus Christ. I am NOTHING special..just a sinner saved by grace- my heart breaks for those who have never yielded to this free gift by simple trust- stop trying to earn your way to heaven, trust today in what Jesus has done- experience HIS love today!

 I have been faithfully writing this blog since late 2004 and I see no reason to stop now....

Grace and Peace in 2012!

Jay Mathews


Russ Murray said...

Jaybird, thank you for your friendship & ministry to me & so many others inside & outside the Body of Christ. I look forward to being further stimulated to love & good deeds in 2012. I love you in the Lord! Blessings, Russ

Jayopsis said...

Russell- you know that because you discipled me well and taught me how to walk in the Lord- that I am able to do this. I thank God all the time for you!

Frank McClung said...

I've laughed myself at the Mayan calendar and other predictions about the end of the world, however, I've recently been thinking about the magi kings that saw Christ's start and followed it in faith. I don't know what the Mayans were allowed to see in the heavens that may point to the end of time as their calendar marked it. But as you point out, the Scriptures are filled with signs both old and new testaments marking the end of time so that we will not be unaware (2Pet 3:14). We also know that the Lord doesn't do anything without first revealing it to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). When Christ said no one has known the day or the hour (Mt 24:36), He didn't say that no one would ever know the day or the hour. In fact, He gives us a sign in the following verse. So, might the Father have revealed something to the Mayan's way back? Yes, He sure could have. Does it carry the weight of the scriptures? Not for me, but we may marvel at how they got it right just like the magi.

The question is, are we prepared? And what would that look like? Scripturally He talks about a pure and spotless bride, white, clean, with new garments. In Revelations He talks about "to him who overcomes...". I believe that a bride prepared is a people who have learned to offer up their whole being to the Lord (or bring in the whole tithe of Mal 3)--spirit, soul, body and garment--through abiding in Christ's death. They have been completely crucified with Him. They will have a testimony prior to His revealing of having overcome the same enemies He overcame on their behalf--sin, satan and death. That is a bride prepared to be joined to Him.

Where is this testimony among His people? Sin continues to kick their tail, Satan holds power over them and death reigns in them. He won't let this continue and is looking for a people willing to follow His path to overcome these enemies.