Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: David Haas

I have made recent contact with David Haas who has a great heart for encouraging cancer patients. He has written a number of blogs on this important topic and I am happy to lend space for his latest journal.

Energy Levels in Cancer Patients are increased through Moderate Exercise
by David Haas

Cancer patients face challenging ordeals as they begin to piece their lives back together once they have gone into remission. Remission in itself is a celebration, but the battle is not yet over. People who have fought and won against cancer still must deal with the challenging issues of feeling back to normal physically and emotionally and in trying to obtain a healthy amount of energy.

Mesothelioma is a common type of lung cancer that affects both men and women. This cancer, and other forms of cancer, can rapidly result in the need for chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation for the patient. If these treatments are successful and the person is able to enter into the remission stage, the person then is challenged with trying to redevelop healthy habits that can put him or her back into a good feeling of self, both physically and mentally.

A doctor for a cancer patient will often recommend mild to moderate forms of exercise for the patient to help the body to recover from the heavy burdens of treatment. Walking, yoga, light hiking, swimming, and mild aerobics are healthy forms of exercise that many doctors will recommend for their patients who are in remission stage from cancer.

Experts at the University of Rochester
state that exercise for cancer patients is wise and should also be taken step-by-step. Gently getting reintroduced to a habit of exercise is the best possible way to begin reincorporating physical activity into someone’s life who has survived cancer, or for someone who is currently going through cancer treatments.

For the exercise to be consistent, it should be enjoyable so the person will be more motivated and more inspired to stick to a normal exercise regimen. Salsa dancing classes provide a fun but mild form of exercise. Golfing, bowling, and nature walking are also activities that can stimulate both the mind and the body and help the person to begin to feel and look significantly better.

These activities are socially effective as well and help the person to overcome issues of shyness or self-consciousness after many months or weeks of cancer treatments. Energy levels and confidence levels can be gradually increased with the incorporation of regular and appropriate forms of exercise into the weekly schedule.

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