Saturday, July 03, 2010

Count Me In! I Want to Be the Next Greatest Generation!

This was from an e-mail I received today:

I don’t know if you have read the new book “Pacific” by Will Ambrose or watch the HBO series. Tom Brokow called them the ‘Greatest Generation!’  Dr Sidney Phillips, one of the six men  depicted in ‘Pacific’ is from Mobile Alabama and recently visited with our Governor, Bob Riley, When Gov. Riley listened to Dr Phillips recount some of the happening of WW II, he made this comment. “ Your generation was truly the greatest Generation ever!” To which Dr Phillips replied, “ Governor I beg to differ with you, but the Greatest Generation is yet to come. It will be that generation that will again stand up and say Stop! No More! We are taking our country back; our Government back. We want God back in this country!”

I want to declare right now, that until my dying breath, I will try to be an instrument where God may allow this to happen. I confess my love for my country- but NOT at the expense of honoring the living, Triune, God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ! This is what is truly American. Only this spiritual life can give the moral foundation for a strong country and the blessings of liberty.

Liberty is not the American commodity that we export- Liberty comes only through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is our KING.

Watch me as a dad- a husband- a coach-a teacher... I am ready to fight the good fight. Who is with me?

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