Saturday, September 05, 2009

Going for Two- Deja Vous

I am still in disbelief at what has happened the last two weeks.

We are 0-3 with the last two defeats being 1 point short. The latest is an overtime loss in an important region game.

This was a back and forth game- typical of a high school game, the momentum swings usually turned around mistakes and turnovers.

This one hurt.

Just like last week, we scored at the end. East Lit had just scored on their first overtime possession and made their extra point. We scored and all in our huddle liked the call to go.

The biggest complication is our struggling PAT team. We have a brand new kicker, he has gotten a lot better, but it is a lot to put on him. We missed a PAT on our last score of regulation.

So we went for it. We lined up, I burned my last timeout (you get one in overtime) and we called a good play.

They made the play ..... and we were tackled short.

The hurt in our players and coaches was deep- the jubilation on the other side was explosive.

So think and pray for us. We will take a long weekend off and will have to regroup late on Monday. Another tough opponent- Goodpasture- comes to our field on Friday.

There are no gimees in this league- we will have to show up and fight every week.

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