Friday, August 21, 2009


Recently, I had my Senior Apologetics class label themselves. We all hate labels, but they are a reality. In fact, 'sloganeering' is a huge aspect of postmodernism.

As I think back, I would have not written anything creative- but these students came up with some great lines!

They also wrote some very personal journals about where they are. They were so real and honest- please pray for me to never violate that sacred trust I have with them.

Also, as expected, they are all across the board in their walk with God- as we all are. Please pray also that God would sweep them up in His arms and love them through these tender days.

Here are some 'labels' written by current high school seniors:

'Christian'- was the most common

investigator, thinker, struggling, non denominational, seeker, believer and follower of Jesus Christ, Psalmist, stuck, believer with some issues, the spark in my group, dreamer, aspiring-christian, thrill-seeker, distracted, inappropriately content, frustrated, hurting, romantic, rule bender, analyzer, normal,passionate, and ready.

This should be an exciting year!

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