Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Essential Truths in Romans 1

It is no wonder that thousands of hours of sermons and tens of thousands pages of commentary have been written on Romans Just in the first few verses of Chapter 1 there is incredible truths that one could dig into for weeks or months.

I'm going to skip the wonderful study of Paul as a servant, Paul as an apostle, and Paul as set apart for the gospel.

Be careful and not miss Paul's reference to the 'Holy Scriptures' in verse 2.

But I wanted to focus on verse 3 and 4. Christ is included in two parallel phrases as 'kata sarka' and 'kata pneuma'- 'according to the flesh' and 'according to the spirit'. Jesus's birth supports His human nature and the resurrection supports His divine nature.

According to Dr Chamblin, there are three events of the gospel: the incarnation, the cross, and the resurrection. All three are vital for the gift of righteousness through faith.

The Incarnation: The word becoming flesh- suffering the way we suffer but without sin, He hungers with us, He thirsts with us. He became as us to die for us!

The Cross:What more can be said about that? But I like to think of it personally. I held Christ on the Cross because of my sin and He held Himself there for me!

The Resurection: If you don't think it meant something to Paul, read I Corinthians 15 again. Paul saw the risen Lord and it transformed his life!

Later on, Paul will explore humans according to the flesh and according to the Spirit.

We also have the whole Trinity in place in these opening verses.
Gospel of God- Son of God- the Father in view.
servant of Jesus, the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord- the Son in view.
the Spirit of holiness - the power throufg which the resurrection happened- the Spirit in view.

4 verses and more theology than we could bear!

We have a beautiful God my friends Who has drafted a beautiful story.

May we enter into that story with great energy and enthusiasm!

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