Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I went to workout tonight and happened to be right in front of a TV tuned to Olberman and the lady that follows him.

I need to disclose quickly that I am a Fox News guy and frequently watch O'Reily. I am fully aware of the slugfest that goes on between the two. The NY Times is also frequently a target of attack.

Do I agree 100% will Bill O? No, not at all.

But tonight, I was surprised to find the MSNBC mantra much worse than imagined.

I need to be honest- I don't think the news commentators are good for the unity of our country and I am beginning to believe the damage is irreparable. The viciousness and venom unleashed by the Bush haters went too far for too long. Their lust for prosecution and vengeance is way over the line. The lady after Olberman mocked the GOP in cold sarcasm and disrespect- I was somewhat shocked by the brashness of it.

There is nothing wrong in being a Bush critic and it is completely OK to be a democrat and Obama backer. And yes, there are problems and extremists on both sides. I firmly believe I am more Christian than conservative.

But the degree of the cynicism shown tonight on MSNBC was the worst I have ever seen- Bill O is not exaggerating.... the poison IS that bad.

I am getting closer to consider calling it quits with my TV..... the single eyed idol is blinding us daily to the weakened state of a once proud union under God.

It is only by His mercy that we will survive.

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