Monday, July 21, 2008

The Post Dark Knight

I'm still groggy from a 10:20 PM showing of the Dark Knight last night.... I enjoyed it, but it sure seemed long. Just first blush, it seemed like this was going to be two movies with the Joker and Two Face but Heath Ledger's untimely death pushed it into one.The Joker forever alive on plasma and Ledger never to return.

Excellent and clever movie- I loved the play on words about the Dark Night/Knight and the twists.

But with every new movie I feel us drifting farther from the Judeo-Christian world view. Recently I heard someone state that our current trend is to make immorality seem cool and righteousness seem strange. The lines of good and evil are blurred in such a way the plot lines are hard to follow and impossible to predict.

Is this a conspiracy? NO- It is the natural flow of the human heart magnified by the Maestro of the world's system. Think of the emphases: No God- conspicuously uninvolved and absent. The ad campaign is "A World of No Rules"- a final rebellion versus the forms that grant us freedom.

The anti-heroes and illogical reliance on a "good" society? The atoning sacrifice of Two-Face and the final sacrifice of Batman to play evil, knowing it is good. Ultimate good corrupted or forced to play evil- it is a world gone mad. The scarred smile and twisted heart- a fantastically disturbing movie.

I gave my money to it- is this a vote for the message? No- it is a reluctant admission of where we are headed.

Can the Lord's light come crashing through the dark night? It is my last prayer of hope.

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