Friday, June 06, 2008

McCain and Ellen

John McCain appeared on Ellen’s show recently and had to answer questions regarding his opposition to Gay marriage. Whether it was a good decision to appear on the show will be left to the pundits. I wanted to comment on his answers- He really gave no reasons for his stance.

Part of the problem in this post-modern relativistic anti-absolute age is we just say “this is my belief” without compelling information for ‘why’ we believe this to be true.

As the debate continues about homosexual/lesbian issues- we must pray through and reason through (with Scripture as our guide) why we believe what we believe. It is the measure of truth itself that causes some arguments to stand while others fade away.

We must also be ready to attack the pre-suppositions and arguments of those belief systems that are contrary to the truth.

Ellen portrayed McCain’s view as an antiquated dogmatic and unenlightened. She respectfully compared her plight to those of who struggled through women’s suffrage and discrimination. She sees homosexual rights as equal to the civil rights battles of the 60’s.

As Christian’s we applaud the removal of slavery, racism, and sexism. Scripture approves of those who stood on the truth and prevailed. However, no sincere reading of God’s Word gives any allowance for a lifestyle that is characterized as perverse, not progressive.

One question for society is always where to draw the line? My question for Ellen would be what type of behavior is legitimate and what behavior is not? If we are in a civil rights type of battle for sexual preference- what type of sexual preference is taboo? Sex with animals? Sex with children?

There are a number of good reasons for supporting the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman- the number 1 reason is for the stability of our culture.

When you allow rights based on behavior and not birthright, you open up tremendous problems for society. To categorize or legitimize someone based on sexual preference presents several ethical dilemmas.

One Christian social commentator defined “worldly” as any culture’s attempt to make sin seem normal and righteousness seem strange.

I know this view is seen as mean and archaic…outdated. But I must say, in love, that there is no way I can compromise on this issue.

If I did have that ability- I often wonder- If I said, I will accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle IF the gay community would make a commitment to monogamy, I doubt I would get any takers.

Ellen has such a warm personality- but the message for her is the same for all of us. Without the covering of Christ- there is a terrible judgment coming. The time for repentance is now.

Homosexuality is a sin as is adultery and covetousness is a sin. But we have lost the fact that God hates sin. The best proof of this is the cross of Christ.

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