Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Heart of the Reformation- THE GOSPEL

I love reading about the reformation and I call myself a “reformed, covenantal, believer in Christ”

In all the technical jockeying about what the reformation means and endless echoing of the great “solas”- the heartbeat of the movement is still the true gospel.

The reformation was a re-discovery of the good news of salvation to all who believe. It was a new realization to living by faith in Christ’s death. It was a childlike, simple allegiance to Christ’s righteousness and confession of man’s sinfulness.

Have you heard the good news lately?

Salvation is based on the existence of God. He has been revealed as owner and Lord of all creation. Because of our total inability to acknowledge or follow God, we are destined to be obliterated by His wrath. All of my apathy, all of my waywardness, all of my selfishness- is facing a judgment day that has been largely ignored in my shallow and superficial life.

Left to my own merit- I would be in desperate trouble when faced with the Holy God.

Now the good part- Jesus stood in my place. He took my pain. He experienced my shame. He suffered for all the judgment due to me, the sinner.

In a simple matter of trust in His sacrifice, I am delivered from darkness and the reign of terror and placed in God’s family. My record is completely changed. Christ took my sin and gave me His righteousness.

On top of all that- He even granted me faith. He chose to purchase me. He chose to love me. He chose to forgive me! HOW CAN THIS BE?

It is the gospel my friend. I am still baffled by it.

But when you see me, you see a free man. There is no condemnation because I am in Christ Jesus.

My peace….my joy….. my life…. Has been secured in Jesus. What can man do to me?

All of this…. to God Alone be the GLORY!

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