Sunday, February 10, 2008


DAY 12 Winning Edge Devotions

COL 3:5-6”Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. On account of these the wrath of God is coming.”

In our understanding of grace, we sometimes water down the impact of sin. We must keep a clear understanding of the stain and destructive power of attitudes and actions that the Lord despises. He hates them so much because He loves us so much.

Sin dominates and corrupts; it is a sure path to bondage and pain. If you think about it, evil is always the corruption of good. As we look at the list above, we get a stark picture of good things gone wrong. Ultimately, it is a disposition where we look at the Creator and say, ‘No thanks, I’ll do it my way” – it is a snub with a sneer.

Paul writes in this verse to “put to death” which is a commentary on the urgency of the call. We are reminded of Christ teaching about cutting off hands and plucking out eyes; this struggle is no light matter, it is a death match.

As a football coach, I have to prepare my players to fight. I will warn them from time to time about the need to come into a game expecting a war. One year we showed up with a ‘practice pace’ and the other team was stoked! It was a killing! We fell early to their intensity and the other team ripped us. I will say sometimes, “Don’t be shocked when that other team tags you on your chin- you better be ready to fight!”

We often treat our sin with play gloves and a practice pace. Do we not see the danger? If we treat sin lightly, we are showing contempt for the cross. The cross points to God’s very hatred of the things we find so prevalent in our lives.

‘Sexual immorality’ is the cheapening of God’s gift of marital intimacy. We turn tenderness into selfish sensuality. Think of the damage done to women in the rampant disregard of God’s prohibitions. ‘Impurity’ goes along with this. This is the idea of being way too casual with boundaries. It is a mental assent that says, “I’m really not that bad or I can play with sin and not get burned”. ‘Earthly passion’ is an unchecked desire for temporal rewards or pleasures with no regard to God. Passion apart from the moderation of God’s word and spirit always causes chaos.

‘Evil desires’ is the constant lust for the base and dark things of life. We are drawn to the power and allure of fortune, fame, power, and pleasure. Finally, covetous says to God, “You are not enough” or worse, “You are a liar and I cannot trust you”. It puts that thing we covet above the Lord and becomes a substitute god.

We need to gear up to fight and kill these things before they kill us. To lose this battle could cause a loss of family, reputation, trust, and effectiveness for the kingdom. If you want to be a champion, you must find a sense of urgency to keep attacking the sin in your life!

FATHER, Forgive me. I have not hated the things You hate. I am guilty of hammering the nails to the cross with no regard for the pain You endured to forgive me. Show me those things in a new light and let me wage a hearty battle with Your spirit as my helper! Do not let me attack these things in others, I want to fight them in me. Thank you for forgiveness!

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