Monday, April 16, 2007

How You See Me Matters to You

As I read the many glorious rich verses in the Bible, I am overwhelmed by all the gifts of the New Covenant. He gives me a new heart, proper fear of God, true understanding of my nature and the meaning of the cross. God bought that for me. It was designed for me, and many others who He has called.

I am swept up in a glorious design of God decreeing – “I will be their God and they will be my people” which is the theme of the New Covenant.

I partake in a glorious sacrament that is the blood of the New Covenant- the sacrifice of Christ.

I boldly proclaim these things in true humility. How? It is all about the glory of Him. In my pride, I can be humiliated in that I truly view myself in my arrogance, my sin, my wretchedness- but point to the Sovereign Lord and His glorious Son Jesus Christ, the Savior.

This message is foolishness for so many. There is nothing I can do for you to see it in any other way. Some in the world look on me in mockery. I am silly. “What a fool this man is”. They mock my Father with twisted humor in a thunderous applause of an entourage of sneering onlookers.

Some look on me in anger. How dare I be so intolerant and disgusting? How dare I say I believe in the violent and oppressive and dogmatic message of Christianity.

Some look in pity, some in disbelief. And some don’t think of me at all.

I can’t change how you look on me….. but God can. God can open the eyes of your heart that you see Him in all His truth and all His glory.

And once you see Him in His truth, you will see me accurately. You will learn to love Him and you will begin to love me.

The final point is that it doesn’t offend me that you see me in such a poor light. All that matters to me is how God sees me. And His Bible tells me that He sees me as His adopted son. He loves me. He purchased me as one who has infinite value.

In Christ, I have an impeccable record in God’s eyes.

I want so badly for God to see you that way too. May God give you repentance and faith in Him today. Read the Bible and plead for the True God to save you – even now.

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