Saturday, February 18, 2006

Reaction to "End of the Spear"

In a world that unnaturally strains to voice praise of "Brokeback Mountain" God quietly continues the victory lap of truth and redemption.

The movie, 'End of the Spear" is the true story of the missionaries martyred in Ecuador and how the gospel spead to the tribe that killed them, ending generations of senseless brutality and superstition.

I had several strong impressions from the movie.

The tribe had a religious belief that centered around becomming man enough to jump the "great boa" at death. I'm always startled at how indigenous faiths mirror the truth of the gospel story. We do need to battle the great boa - that serpent named Lucifer- but not with the power of killing, but with the humility and love of Christ.

What a beautiful, emotional, and powerful story! I trembled and shed many tears.

As I walked out of the theatre, it was a sun smiled snowy day in Nashville. With a few drying tears, I once again cried out a prayer of thanks to my King! Lord, let me give my work and life to carry this glorious message of forgiveness and peace!

The gospel goes forth in brokeness- yet it is unbreakable.
It goes forward despite setbacks- it is unshakable
Human tragedy is just a tapestry of glory in the Master's hand
It goes forth despite my shame and sin- the truth of my condition does not hinder it
How remarkable- How wondrous
If you sneer and mock this story- how will you escape if you ignore such a glorious salvation?

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